"When prospective clients come to me wanting to change, I warn them that it’s not for the faint of heart. For serious change to occur, you will need three key ingredients. If even one is missing, there will probably be no significant change, or you will be unhappy with the change that does occur."

– from Create the Life of Your Dreams

Too often we go through life settling for just “good enough.” It takes a courageous soul to dream outside the box and create the life of their dreams. Bob Kiser, a very successful motivational speaker and empowerment life-coach, has helped thousands of people do just that. Having once felt lost and unsure of what he wanted or how to move forward in life, he embarked on the journey detailed in this book. 

Bob empowers readers to engage in a process to discover their authentic selves and to start living their best possible life.  Using exercises that have brought himself and clients the most success, he especially addresses feeling stuck, unmotivated and like one wants to give up. Creativity, confidence and unbelievable success are just some of the things readers will gain from this insightful book.

“This book is a great tool no matter where you are in life - just out of school and starting out, mid-life crisis or later in your career when circumstances dictate that you “begin again”. There is no “psychobabble”. The language, tools and exercises are straightforward. What makes it all the more compelling is the truth from Mr. Kiser on his experiences - personal and professional - and how they brought him down and how he built himself back up. He uses lessons learned from his life and, as important, lessons learned from watching others grow. I highly recommend it as a gift to yourself if you’re feeling stuck or possibly as a gift to someone who might be at a point in life when they feel they have more questions than answers. You will have to do the work but this is a great guide to assist you on the journey.”
— Denise in Chicago
“I’ve just started the book but already I feel like the author is speaking directly to me. He offers great suggestions but also makes you take action. It’s not a book where you can just sit and meditate for a while, it makes you really decide if you want to shake things up a bit! In the best way possible. I read many books on mindfulness and while I love them I often feel like i’m having to go back and forth in order to fully comprehend things. With Life of Your Dreams I can read it and then apply it straight away! If you are anything like me, I enjoy discovering new authors and music artists and feel like they are all mine for awhile until Oprah finally discovers them, which is just a matter of time with Mr. Kiser’s work.”
— Fernando Aguilar
“This book is extremely well written and enjoyable. It’s also personally challenging. The author shares a very personal journey and challenges the reader to be open and honest with him/herself. If you’re not happy with the way things are in your life, I strongly recommend this book. At the very least, you’ll find many thought-provoking ideas in this book’s 90 pages.”
— Larry Foley
“Excellent step by step process of developing a plan for living a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Author writes in a personal style and presents his ideas in a simple manner with exercises to assist reader in moving forward to creating a life of their dreams.”
— Thomas F. Watkinson
“Bob Kiser masterfully puts into words what it takes to break the mold and create and live the life of our dreams. It has made me take a step back and enjoy the silence as I figure out not only my destination, but remind myself to enjoy the journey. A must read if you want to find ways to make your life better long term regardless of your current situation.”
— Amy Gouge
“Reading this book was like sitting down to have a great cup of coffee with a close friend, coach and motivational speaker all rolled into one. The author’s personal reflections effectively illustrated his points and the exercises were fun and helpful. What struck me as I was reading is how pertinent it is to my current life as a mom of 2 young children and also how much I wished I’d read this book as a young, college graduate. There truly is something for everyone in it. Whether you want a clearer path to living the life of your dreams or you just want to kick it up a notch and live a more fulfilling life, this book is for you.”
— S.M.
“I found this book to be insightful and the author to be honest with his struggles and how he is working on them continuously. The importance of being an authentic person cannot be stated enough. I’m trying to find my own authentic self, and this book gave me some excellent suggestions on how to do it. I appreciated the ‘ingredients’ to creating an authentic self, and the action plan for how to do it. Thanks for writing it, Mr. Kiser!”
— M. Anderson
“This book is the “Real Deal”. It is visually interesting. Concepts are easy to grasp. Everything is laid out beautifully for anyone who really wants to live the life of their dreams.”
— D. B. Reed
“A fast and engaging read, Bob’s combination of personal life lessons, client progress notes and workbook style lists that put my own skin in the game, seem the just-right balance for this practical little volume. I enjoyed the pace and with so much material covered, I was amazed at how succinct and clear his steps are. I am sure to suggest this to my clients as support in their own life shaping work.”
— Leslie R.